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Created 16-Sep-16
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It's a little strange to put two weeks of beauty, effort, emotion, and wild and rugged experience into 30 or so images of a place, but that's what we tend to do (at least I tend to do) as we sift through the photographs after any photo trip or travel. The following images represent my time spent in the wildest place I have ever been: Denali National Park, Alaska. I hope you enjoy the perspective, and I encourage you to go and experience this beautiful, wild place for yourself.
Aloha, Lee
*This gallery has been updated to reflect Lee's most recent trip to Denali NP in July and August 2018.
Clouds, Mountain and MoonLate Summer in DenaliA Smiling Toklat BlondeDenali Park Road(If You Love Alaska) Stand UpSome Days are All about the Ground SquirrelsSnowshoe HareDenali's Vast WildernessFirst Time For EverythingA Look into the HeavensTundra, Mountains and a Changing SkyThis Picture Makes Me Laugh Every Time I See ItLunchtimeChillin'Young Moose in Summer CoatMomma Bear

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