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Some places you go for the scenery. Others for the wildlife or the fishing. While other places for the adventures to be had. Well, IN Alaska, you can have it all-- mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, fishing, wildlife, hikes and adventure. BIG adventure!

It's a little strange to put 6 years of travel, beauty, effort, emotion, and wildness into a collection of 49 images, but that's what we have here. A collection of images representing time spent in the wildest place I have ever been: Alaska. I hope you enjoy the perspective, and I encourage you to go and experience this beautiful, wild place for yourself. Images begin with Denali NP; Katmai NP; Kenai Fjords NP; Northern Lights; and end with a trip to the Arctic along the infamous Dalton Highway.
*Each image in this collection is limited to 8 metal prints and 8 Artist Proofs on Acrylic.
Aloha, Lee
A Sunny Summer DayAlpen GlowClouds, Mountain and MoonCaribou CruisingMoose in the FallDenali WolfFuzzy WuzzyDall Sheep Full CurlSushiIf you Go to Katmai You Gotta TryA Calendar BearLook, Mom! A Human! (Standing on the Shore of Naknek Lake)Brown Bears and Red SallmonTreedYoung WolfBaby Sittin'Coming in for the CatchMother and Kid Looking for a New CoatSalmon GlacierHidden Gem