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This collection of Kauai seascapes and adventures is called Oceans of Light. The images seek to communicate the dynamic flow and meditative beauty of water, light and energy. I love the space where the ocean meets the land. While these spaces often facilitate simple compositions, the interplay of the elements-- especially the unpredictability of the ocean surf-- allows for exciting things to happen.
The adventure portion of this gallery explores some of Kauai's most iconic locations, flora and fauna: a living energy. I hope you will find images that inspire play in the forests and jungles. I hope they may encourage you to search out distant stars in the night sky; to dream of what is possible; and to find those plants and animals that open your heart to diverse ways of living of being.
Each photograph in this collection was taken on my home island of Kauai and represents many of my favorite locations on this beautiful island.
I'll update this gallery periodically so please check back from time to time. Mahalo, Lee

All images in this gallery-- and in my entire portfolio-- are single exposures. I do not use HDR. I do not blend or mix images together to make composites. All of my images are one shot and have been edited in Aperture or Lightroom. A few very long exposures and night shots have been edited with Topaz Denoise to remove digital noise caused by the combination of high ISO and lengthy exposure times.
Na Pali Coast, KauaiKauai, HawaiiQueens Bath, KauaiLumahai BeachKauaiMorning Walk at ShipiesWaimea Pier, KauaiJust in Time (Showers Before Sunset)A Chance to Rest and Look Through the LeavesKauai Night SkyWest Side PastoralPali Blaze CooledA Rainbow Falls into PlaceAmakua Pueo!Sea Glass Breaking 2A Perfect Lumahai WaveWe'll Take ThatFlowing Reef Following SkyBlue Hour in PoipuThe Morning After