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Created 3-Jan-14
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This collection of Kauai seascapes-- Oceans of Light-- seeks to communicate the dynamic flow and meditative beauty of ocean, water and light. I love the space where the water meets the land. And while these places often facilitate simple compositions, once we add the the interplay of the elements-- especially the unpredictability of the ocean surf-- exciting things happen. I hope you enjoy these images of my home island of Kauai.
I'll update this gallery periodically so please check back from time to time. Mahalo, Lee

All images in this gallery-- and in my entire portfolio-- are single exposures. I do not use HDR. I do not blend or mix images together to make composites. All of my images are one shot and have been edited in Aperture or Lightroom. A few very long exposures and night shots have been edited with Topaz Denoise to remove digital noise caused by the combination of high ISO and lengthy exposure times.

Pop the Top

Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Open Flame

Kauai, Hawaii

Wave Rise Up

Wave Rise Up

Blast Off

Blast Off

Sunset Sunstar

Sunset at Ke'e Beach

Sunset in Pink and Blue

Kauai Sunset

Dandelion at Sea

Na Pali Coast Waves

When Conditions Are Right (Wheel of Life)

Napali Coast

The Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast


Tunnels Beach, Kauai


Lumahai Beach



Big Swell Blue

Lumahai Beach

Dance at the Bay

Hanalei Bay

Mana Flows

Queens Bath, Kauai

North Shore View

Queens Bath

Colors and Curve

Kauai wave

Cotton Candy Waves (Things Unseen)

Secrets Beach, Kauai

Big Wave Fall

Big Wave Fall

Spin Cycle

Kauai ocean

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