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The three jewels are: the Buddha (the example), the sangha (the community of support), and the dharma (the teaching and the harmony). This gallery showcases Buddhist art and architecture as well as images representing mindfulness and peace. These images of quiet inspiration are a reminder that-- just as the Buddha said-- the world abounds in dharma.
All images in this gallery-- and in my entire portfolio-- are single exposures. I do not use HDR. I do not blend or mix images together to make composites. All of my images are ONE shot and have been edited in Aperture or Lightroom. A few very long exposures and night shots have been edited with Topaz Denoise to remove digital noise caused by high ISO and lengthy exposure times.
Mirror of the MindThe Pihea TrailBeauty in Bloom (Just Like Us)Zen StonesFlowers and the Buddha One and the SamePine and the Circle of a Setting SunGraduation DayKimono QueenKundaliniVajra EyesBuddha with a Tropical FlavorHanabiWhat is Real? Love is RealOcean Blue