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Created 12-Jun-18
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Pele's ProcessPele's ProcessA 3:30 AM check-in and a 4 AM departure for the roughest and most memorable boat ride I have ever taken in my life. One hour and a half riding a mechanical bull of an aluminum catamaran to photograph Pele entering the ocean for the first time. I tried back in 2016, but the laze was too strong for my entire stay and no-one was allowed at the Kalepana viewing area. This time, she let me see her. And I am so thankful she did. Here she is making new land in what is Pele's Process.
Big Island, Hawaii
The Big Island is Pele's home, and until recently this was most evident at Volcanoes National Park where the lava lake at Halemau'uma'u would glow continuously through the Hawaiian nights. However, in late April and early May of 2018 that all changed as the lava lake of Halemau'uma'u dropped, filling Kilauea's underground channels. Shortly after fissures began forming in a residential area called Leilani Estates. These fissures broke through the ground or roads and began to spew lava. Some fizzled out after a day or two while others lasted longer. The most powerful one was Fissure Number 8, which grew into a lava fountain, spewing molten lava 220 feet into the air. It continued unabated for about 4 or 5 months. In early 2018 I made three trips to the big island to photograph this incredible event. This gallery includes photos from two early morning boat rides to the lava ocean entries, including the devastation I witnessed at Kapoho Bay; two doorless helicopter rides above Fissure 8. I have also included images from earlier trips when the lava lake at Halema'uma'u crater glowed gloriously in the dark hours dusk till dawn. Also in this gallery, you will find photographs of the Hawaiian Short Eared Owl (Pueo), as well as a few seascapes from Hawaii's volcanic rock beaches. Yes, this is Pele's home and her influence is all around you on the Big Island. I hope you enjoy this images. Some are difficult to view, but important, I think, as they tell the story of Hawaii and our time on Pele's lands. Respect to Pele and hope and courage to all affected by the current and past eruptions.
Images of Maui--mostly from Haleakala NP-- make up the last third of the gallery. But there are also a few photographs of humpback whales off the coast of Lahaina.
Chaos TheoryPele's ProcessKapoho Bay (Burning Down the House)Where Lava Meets SeaCooled CoastlineCool BlueOcean Swirls at South PointPeleFissure 8, Leilani EstatesFissure 8 and Lava Pool (The Earth Alive)Pele's DesignWaipio ValleyVolcanoes National ParkVolcanoes National ParkVog in the Air Means Color in the SkyPueo Prepares for FlightJump!I Made a New FriendLittle PueoPipiwai Trail

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