Light Source Photography by Lee Scott | Kauai Hikes, Adventures, and Vistas
Created 20-Jan-18
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This is a gallery dedicated to adventure and exploration. I hope you will find images here that inspire you to play in the forests and jungles; to search out distant stars in the night sky; to dream of what is possible; and to find those plants and animals that open your heart to diverse ways of living. These photographs were all taken on Kauai. Aloha, Lee

Kalalea Rainbow

Kalalea Rainbow

Canyon Falls

Waipo'o Falls

The Na Pali Coast at Sunset Seen from the Nualolo

The Napali Coast at Sunset

Kalalau Clouds

Kalalau Lookout


Shipwrecks beach

A Rainbow Falls into Waimea Canyon

A Rainbow Falls into Waimea Canyon

Guardian Falls and Rainbow

Guardian Falls, Kauai

Life Source

The Weeping Wall

The Way to the Weeping Wall Leads through Here (Inquire Within)

The Blue Hole, Kauai

Light Fall

Waikoko's Valley

A Long Line

Kauai Waterfall

And Day Begins on Earth with Venus, Jupiter and Mars


Koke'e Night Sky and Paper Bark Tree

Kauai Sky

A Delicious Fruit

Moloaa Bay, Kauai

Explore the Bang

Kekaha Beach

3 sisters

Salt Ponds Beach Park, Kauai

Happy Go Lucky (or Lucky for Short)


Zen Stones

Zen Stones

Pihea Trail View

The Pihea Trail

Waking the Giants

The Sleeping Giant Trail

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