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Created 19-Aug-19
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Kenai Fjords National Park just outside of Seward, Alaska is a wilderness park full of wildlife and surreal scenes. This gallery begins with a three day kayak adventure in and around Bear Glacier Lagoon. Next are few images from the sea, traveling in and around the fjords of Ailik and Northwestern Glacier. Back to land and the Harding Ice Field Trail where we encounter mountain goats and wildflowers. And finally, while not in the park proper, this gallery ends with a few photographs from the Alaskan SeaLife Center (Puffins!) and the city of Seward-- the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.
Dark Days Ahead (But It Doesn't Have to Be So)A Surreal AdventureBlue IceHidden GemLayer CakeTransformationReflectionWings SpreadLike a Hood Ornament FrozenThe Blue LineStellar Sea Lion ScratchPuffins!Fly Puffin Fly!Hey!Snack TimeOrcaValue LifeMeadow and Patch of SnowMother and Kid Looking for a New CoatEyelashes, Whiskers and a Flowing Goat Coat

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