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Created 31-May-22
58 photos

This gallery contains a collection of my favorite wildlife images. Witness the moving energy of wild things in wild places from Kauai to Alaska; Wyoming to Bolivia; and a few places in-between.
Happy Go Lucky (or Lucky for Short)Zebra DoveWings (Fly! Iwa, Fly)FreeAmakua Pueo!Pueo Prepares for FlightWhale's Tail (bw)A Calendar BearWise OneMother and Kid Looking for a New CoatCaribou CruisingDall Sheep Full CurlBig Ole Moose (Denali Days)Bull Moose in Wonder LakeFuzzy WuzzySushiIf you Go to Katmai You Gotta TryDawn DanceBear's EyeLook, Mom! A Human! (Standing on the Shore of Naknek Lake)

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