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The UNESCO World Heritage site of the Ngorongoro Crater is exceptional. The Serengeti, incomparable. Two jewels of Africa lie relatively close together along the Northern Safari Circuit of Tanzania. Both parks are absolutely World Class. I can't wait to go back.
Sky Alights, Ngorongoro CraterZebra Tail in Golden LightMaskSeeing Double Down on the Crater FloorClouds, Crater Wall, Wildebeest and ZebraCollege YearsThe Pink Loop of an Ostrich NeckCrowned Cranes Line DanceLion's TailLike a Moving PictureMating RitualCheetah-- My Favorite AnaimalGettin' HungryHead to Trail (Cheetah Love)FamilyA Whip of Her Tail3 BrothersLoved OnesElandSunrise over the Serengeti

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