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Created 6-Jun-19
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Tombstone Territorial Park in the Yukon Territory, Canada is a place of wild, gothic beauty. About 2 hours north of Dawson City along the Dempster Highway, heading towards the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Territories, Tombstone is certainly an out of the way destination. Recommended to me by a friend, I knew nothing about the place before researching it. I decided to do a 6 day/5 night backpack in the backcountry and settled on Grizzly Lake--Divide Lake--Talus Lake--Divide Lake--Grizzly Lake itinerary and route. I waited out the weather (rain) for two nights at Tombstone campground and started my trek on August 9th and had all kinds of weather-- (mostly) clouds and rain; hail and light snow; sunshine and rainbows; and cold, cold wind.I found the hardest days to be Day 1 to Grizzly Lake and Day 6 Grizzly out. The best day was Day 3 Divide to Talus. And the Glissade Pass was short and sweet, but oh so steep. :-) In homage to the dark beauty of the place I've named this gallery in honor Bronte. It would be a perfect setting for Emily's Wuthering Heights.
The photos below are from this amazing backpacking adventure.
The Hike to Grizzly LakeRainbows in the ValleyCampsite, Grizzly LakeUp Glissade PassThe View from atop Glissade PassDivide Lake in the Pre-dawnDivided LightHappy MarmotMarmotThe Approach to Tombstone MountainA Landscape Fit for BronteNamesakeTalus LakeTombstone DetailPerfectly Tombstone

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