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Created 21-Nov-18
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Mile 0Mile 0Hyder, Alaska and Stewart, BC are two villages known for bears, glaciers and a border checkpoint. Everyone in town was friendly and the nature was off the charts. Unfortunately there were no grizzly while I was there, but I did see a couple of black bear along the side of the road. So if you visit keep your eyes open even if the salmon aren't jumping.
Hyder, Alaska
A 100 Day, 17,000 mile photography adventure through Washington, BC, Alaska, Yukon, Montana, Wyoming and a few places more. Looking back at the trip, I feel like I should have gone to more places and seen more things. You know, collected more stickers and stuff. But I didn't and I'm OK with that. As a photographer I feel the need to stay in one place for a period of time to develop a relationship with a place. I think the work benefits from this slower. plodding approach. I do have one regret, however: I should have taken more music.
I call this collection Beautiful Suffering because that's what travel is. The planning stage is so romantic and exciting, but we don't foresee days or rain and 13 hour drives. That's the suffering part, the grind of the miles. But then with each mile there is new beauty seen and felt. New people met and new experiences had. So, yea, beautiful suffering.
See the exhibition at the Hanapepe gallery November 30, 2018 ~ March 1, 2019. Medium metal prints (16"x24") are limited to just 3 prints per image.
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