jungle hike to hanakapi'ai falls

January 20, 2015

FecundFecundHanakapi'ai Falls, Hanakapi'ai Valley, Kauai

hanakapi'ai falls, kauai, hawaii


A couple of weeks ago Naomi and I hiked to hanakapi'ai falls. The trail is probably the most hiked trail on kauai and all of the guide books talk about it so I want do too much here other than post a few pics of what we saw during our 8 mile jungle excursion.


Zen StonesZen Stonesa stack of stones, known as a cairn, at hanakapi'ai beach mark two miles on the kalalau trail.
Hanakapi'ai Beach, Kauai

zen stones, hanakapi'ai beach, kauai, hawaii


Two miles in and you are at hanakapi'ai beach. The name is a little misleading because in the winter time it ain't much of a beach. More like a stone patch in front of swirling ocean.



leaning towers of the napali coast, hanakapi'ai beach, kauai, hawaii


Needless to say, in the winter time you should not swim here. And if you ask me, summer time, too. Be careful crossing the stream, too. The water was a little high the day of our hike and it took us a while to find the best place to cross. But safely across, we stopped at the stone patch took some pics; ate some nuts; and enjoyed the quiet morning, knowing that within a few hours the place would be full of people. If you want a quiet hike, you gotta start early.



jungle trail to hanakapi'ai falls, kauai, hawaii 


The trail is always muddy in winter. Just expect it. Near daily winter rains in the valley don't give the trail much time to dry out. So unless you hike in the summer (and even then areas of mud are likely) just know that you will get muddy. Nothing you can do about it. Just watch your footing as much as you can. Naomi and I like hiking sticks or trekking poles. They really help out, especially coming down slick rocks with muddy shoes. 



the womb, hanakapi'ai falls, kauai, hawaii


This is the end of the trail-- hanakapi'ai falls. Total feminine energy back here. It's like walking into Mother Earth or Mama Kauai. Fecund nature. The spirit of birth and renewal. Fresh and cool. It's a total trip to experience. I recommend it. From here your turn back and hike 4 miles to ke'e.



one more look, hanakapi'ai falls, kauai, hawaii 



jungle light, jungle stream, hanakapi'ai valley, kauai, hawaii



favorite view, kalalau trail, kauai, hawaii





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