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January 14, 2015




a little wild and uncontrolled (fantasy), kauai, hawaii


I am reading The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan now and am moved by it's story of love, war, horror, endurance and humanity.  The juxtaposition of the narratives of a group of Australian POWs forced by the Japanese to build a ludicrous railroad line through the deep jungles of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar) and a love story compel the reader to see the utter stupidity and barbaric nature of war. While reading about the atrocities and horrific conditions of the POWs I am begging to be brought back to love. I am literally longing to turn the page on the wartime narrative to be embraced by the excitement and joy of being with one who loves. 



mimicry, kauai, hawaii 


I'm almost done with the book and recommend it to anyone interested in history, the War of the Pacific (the Pacific theater of WWII), Japanese history,  Australian history, and just great literature. The novel won the Man Booker Prize for 2014 and appeared on numerous 2014 best of year end lists. 



driftwood under moving sky, kauai, hawaii


All of the photos in this blog come from two days at an east side beach. The opening pic, a little wild and uncontrolled,is my favorite of the group. I let the exposure run a bit, and while it is actually overexposed, i like how it adds a sense of fantasy to the scene. 


This next shot below was taken on day two. I wanted to go back and revisit the half buried driftwood and see how "proper" exposure would affect the mood. Of course, each day is different and day two brought a near cloudless and radiant sky. 


radiant sky, kauai, hawaii



following the line, kauai, hawaii



changing light, changing life, kauai, hawaii 



the surreal is the real, kauai, hawaii



choose love, kauai, hawaii