stars and trees of kawaikoi (up in koke'e)

September 19, 2014

the dividing line is made in our mind (there is no divide, there is no line), Kawaikoi, Kauai, Hawaii.


Tuesday morning I packed camera and camping gear into the FJ, and Naomi and I headed up to Koke'e. Destination: Kawaikoi camp. Since we didn't plan to do any long hikes during our short stay above Waimea Canyon, we got a leisurely start and stopped in Poipu along the way for a coffee and scone. 


magical realism, Kawaikoi, Kauai, Hawaii


Once safely over the 4WD "road" we arrived at the campsite and began taking in Koke'e's refreshingly cool mountain air. Up next, pitch tent; string hammock; grab the frisbee; and open a beer. 

Time to enjoy the good life. The happy life. 

Life is a blessing.




above and below, Kawaikoi, Kauai, Hawaii



windblown (stars and tree), Kawaikoi, Kauai, Hawaii


I fell in love with the trees around our campsite. And the trees in the photos above were my favorites. Can't wait to get back up there.