kalalau clouds

September 04, 2014

kalalau clouds, kalalau lookout, koke'e state park, kauai, hawaii

One of my most favorite places on kauai: the kalalau lookout in koke'e state park is a transcendent place. To experience it is not for the senses alone, but for the soul. The clouds move in and out, freely from east and west, from above and below. It's a vortex of (spiritual) phenomenal energy. And as beautiful as it is to see, it's the sound of the place that stirs me.

The lookout is known for it's fickle sky of clouds, often completely obstructing what is otherwise a glorious view. So if when you go, you can't see anything other than a cloud bank, wait a while. It may open up (and you can always listen to the sounds while you wait). Sometimes, though, it never clears. I've waited an hour before turning my back and driving home, sightless of the view. Other days, like the one pictured above, the clouds lift and fall, rapidly revealing and concealing-- an interplay of truth and change and flow. We can't will it, we can't force it, we can't make it do what we want it to do. It's nature. It's natural. It just is. Kalalau and clouds. Beautiful they way they are.


a hidden view, waimea canyon state park, kauai, hawaii


After descending the mountain a ways we turned down a semi-secret road that was well paved, but narrow and with no center line. From the area and the trails that i knew were around the road i figured we were heading towards a naval observation post. And sure enough we were soon u-turning before a fenced gate that read NO ENTRY US NAVY. 


patterns, waimea canyon state park, kauai, hawaii


Back on the main road, we climb down towards waimea town as the sun begins it fall behind a massive cloud floating above ni'ihau. Ever the romantics, we decide to park the car and enjoy the view-- canyon side . 

canyon clouds, waimea canyon state park, kauai, hawaii

*all photos in today's blog were taken with a canon 5d3 and a canon 24-70, f/2.8 ii lens, and B+W circular polarizer


have great day.