the feeling of man more than mana

August 30, 2014

I don't get down to poipu that often, and really-- other than mahaulepu and shipwrecks-- i don't have many pictures of poipu's beaches and other sites. I guess I'm more of a north shore guy, but i'm starting to open up to the sunny south shore (they call it the sunny south shore, but most of the time i go it's cloudy!). 

Sometimes you can find honu and monk seals resting along the sand at poipu beach park. I found this honu there in the early morning, and was able to watch him/her (?) walk away. They actually move surprisingly fast!


If you've ever wondered what honu tracks look like, well this is it. Pretty cool, eh?


Looking back at the sun as she rises behind the clouds and palm trees lining poipu beach park.

I think my main "problem" with the south shore is that there are so many people! I never feel that I have the beaches to myself. It's not so much the amount of people, but more the amount of infrastructure and buildings made for and by people. The north shore feels a little different. Maybe it's the greenery and mountains, the lush landscape and hidden beaches. There I can quite easily feel the mana of nature without the imprint of man. 

Morning clouds move through the sky, bringing short shower to the sunny south shore.


No rain, no rainbows. Waves were up at poipu on this day and generally this is where you can find summer time surf on kauai.

4D8A6825-Egbert Family Reunion-Bally's Las Vegas Casino-STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY4D8A6825-Egbert Family Reunion-Bally's Las Vegas Casino-STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYEgbert Family Reunion - On-Location Studio Family Portraits at Bally's Las Vegas Casino - (curl)

Time for pancakes at Living Foods Market in Kukui Ula (my favorite place to eat in Poipu).

 A hui hou Poipu! I'll see you again soon.