what inspires you?

July 25, 2014

sunstar at ke'e beachsunset sunstarke'e sunset

is it the final warm rays of the sun just before it sets beyond the horizon?


clouds above ke'e beachke'e sunset

is it the clouds in the sky that carry you away to a time and place that only your memory and your soul know?


sunset in pink and blueSunset in Pink and BlueKe'e, Kauai

is it finding the abstract in the real?


larsens sunrise

is it the delicate beauty of the petals that make a flower and knowing that the colors that make the flower make up the sunset, too?


scarred skyscarred skyke'e sunset

is it traveling to a favorite place or to somewhere new?


larsens sunrise

is it in spending time with a loved one or friend?

have a great weekend.