nature's therapy

July 28, 2014

sunset therapy with sand under my feet, lumahai beach, kauai

Sometimes i have to get into nature and just feel her nurturing presence. Of course being a photographer i get out in nature a lot, but that's always with a camera and a photographic/artistic objective. Some days i just need to be out there first, and think of pictures later.

designed by the sea, lumahai beach, kauai

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days where i needed sand under my feet and a waves lapping at my heels. And once healed by nature then, and only then, was i able to take the camera out of the bag.

lumahai beach

sand beneath my feet, lumahai beach, kauai


Usually i visit lumahai for sunrises and waves, but since i was going for healing powers and not photography, i thought lumahai would be perfect for the feeling of the day. Nature is so giving. So calming. So powerful. She is a nurturing mother who always takes us in. She is a friend who listens to our soul. She is an example on how to live honestly and happily. She my lifelong teacher to whom i am forever grateful.


ironwood pine and clouds on the horizon, lumahai beach, kauai