it's gonna be a good one

March 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

when i looked out the window and saw the clouds-- light fluffy ones like icing-- and the little line of sky between the horizon and those clouds, i knew the sunrise was going to be good. i walked away from the window and went back a few minutes later and i knew it. i had to go take a look. i knew i didn't have much time so i hurriedly grabbed my camera and bag told naomi to meet me at anini 'cause i was going to work. and i'm glad i did.

below are some pics of this week's epic sunrise on kauai's north shore.

all of the photos were taken at a little spot that i like just before anini beach park. 




it's gonna be a good one, anini beach, kauai, 6:50:22 am 

rise and shine, anini beach, kauai, 6:51:22 am


anini beach, kauai, 6:53:09 am


sunstar, anini beach, kauai, 7:05:28 am


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