wave watching at polihale

October 23, 2014


Last tuesday i packed the camera and gear in the fj and drove out to polihale. I wanted to play around in the sand, shoot some waves, and then see what colors sunset would bring. First, i drove out to Queen's Pond, but i didn't see any tide pool so i gave up on that location. Next, i drove all the way out to the end and parked in a full lot at the pavilions. Wow, i was really surprised at all the people. This spot was a no-go as well, so i let some air and drove on the dunes, looking for a little stretch of beach without people, but with waves. 


25 psi is good to get to you going, but if you stop you ain't going again. Driving on the sand is all about keeping momentum and avoiding building piles in front of the tires. After stopping here and there-- momentum lost-- i stopped completely. Wheels where a spinning, so i let out more air. This time, i lowered the pressure to 20 psi, which did the trick, but 15 is probably better. I decided to set up just below the first camping area where i didn't think anyone would be in the frame.

The area i chose looked to have a strong rip current where receding white water would meet oncoming waves in a rush. It was important that i get the pali in the frame as well, as i wanted to hint at-- and in some instances tell-- the location.


I have some good wave shots from ke'e withe pali on the left side of the frame so I thought it would be cool if i could get some wave pics at polihale with the pali on the right. Kinda like bookend shots, together they show the beginning (and end) of the napali coast.


The waves at polihale have such power. The sand is very fine and thick, and the shells that you find there are often nothing more than faded pieces. 


Sailboats and catamarans ply this western coastline on snorkeling and sunset napali coast cruises. 


A frothy little shack at polihale hangs suspended in the late afternoon light.


The waves preform some kind of strange dance or celebration like popping the champagne to commemorate a special event.



A line of color falls and jumps at polihale. Now, to get ready for sunset.....