salt ponds beach park-- 10 pics

October 02, 2014


When we arrived at Salt Ponds Beach Park in Hanapepe, the skies were threatening, and we had already driven in and out of rain on the way over. The tree tunnel road leading to Poipu was flooded, canceling my plans to shoot at that oft requested location. So it wasn't surprising when the heavens opened with a rumble and the rain began to pour. We waited out the storm in the FJ and finally made a dash for the pavilions once it looked like rainbows would appear. And sure enough, they did. As Naomi likes to say, 'No rain. No rainbows." True indeed.


While we waited for the heavy rains to pass, I noticed the waves and the rocks on the far right reef. The waves were pretty active and consistent and the rocks were covered with a beautiful green mossy seaweed. I thought that could make a nice pic as the evening progressed. And even better, no one was over there. Compared to the middle section-- the more famous area of step like waterfalls-- where  quite a few people were playing around in the water and on the rocks. And there was a karaoke party beginning to liven up at the nearby pavilion. I almost always prefer quiet to noise and certainly prefer to shoot where there are no people. So I changed into my tabis and ventured out to the waves and onto the rocks.


Slippery, but beautiful in the low sunlight. If you venture out to the rocks along Kauai's beaches, please be very careful of the waves and surf. I also recommend that you wear tabis-- felt soled neoprene booties. They help hold grip while walking on and over the slippery rocks and shelves that make up much of Kauai's coastline.


I like the playful curve and the action of the ocean in this shot. This one is definitely one of my favorites from the shoot.


The ocean has filled in and the movement appears to be on an even plane. Either this one, the one above, or the one to follow will be appearing in the gallery soon. Right now I am leaning more towards the first one, but we'll see....


And the ocean recedes. Fun stuff, yeah?


Looking back to Salt Ponds Beach Park, a west side locals hangout. Kinda like a west side Anini Beach Park? What do you think?


I'm a sucker for fluffy clouds. 'Mo bettah in the evening light!


More clouds!


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