north shore days

October 30, 2014

I've been hanging out on the north shore these past few weeks and i've got a miscellaneous mix of pics to share with you here. 


Coconuts at moloa'a bay. As you may know, Naomi and I live in moloa'a, and I often walk or jog to moloa'a bay. It's a fun place to hang out and an easy-to-get-to place for me to shoot. On this particular day, the coconuts grabbed my attention. They were rolling around on the beach like little footballs fumbled in the surf. Happy island scene.

The next couple of shots from moloa'a bay are from a morning with a sun that rose slowly with a hint of color, but not much illumination. I was hoping for a stronger sunrise to light up the jumping waves.


There was a warm and gentle glow on the horizon, but no waves to go with it! Ah, sometimes that's the way it goes. Alas....


File away for another day..... :-)

Next, is a shot from a morning spent walking hanalei bay. Sometimes, Naomi and I will stop and get coffee at Hanalei Coffee Roasters in hanalei town before heading out to shoot at the bay. Here's one form our coffee and chai morning at the bay.


Next up is a shot of aliomanu beach. While driving home, I noticed this blanket of clouds on the eastern sky. Unfortunately, it didn't reach to the north western horizon. Because of this I gave up on tunnels and ke'e and drove out to aliomanu beach, hoping that the blanket of clouds would catch the light from the distant sunset. Directionally, the conditions were a little off, and I only was able to see faint pink hues. Nothing epic, but it was good to get out and it is always good to try.


And finally a few from tuesdays short hike to hanakapi'ai. I had planned to hike to Space Out Rock, but the weather was poor, the trail was wet and rain was definitely coming so I turned back at hanakapi'ai beach. 


Rainbows appeared and disappeared the whole way out to hanakapi'ai.


Cairns and a faint rainbow at hanakapi'ai beach. There were a lot of cairns at the beach on this day. Here's a few more....


And a pic of the trail. Pretty typical conditions for the fall and winter. Wet, muddy and green, wet, muddy and green....



Two different plants growing together along the kalalau trail. I like this one. Healthy and happy.