emotions (and a few more from shipwrecks)

October 20, 2014


taking in the view, shipwrecks, poipu, kauai

We went down to shipwrecks for some sunset shots last week, and although the sunset wasn't really happening I did get a few ideas on what i would like to shoot the next time i was down in poipu. Initially i wanted to shoot the rocky point at keoniloa bay, but the top was just too busy with hikers and sightseers taking in the view. 


Looking away from the point and straight out to the horizon, i noticed the soft and beautiful colors of the sand and sea. File away for another day.


And further down the beach as the surfers, body boarders, locals and tourists were all having a good time in the glow of sunset. The sand at shipwrecks has such a softness of texture and a color that is pleasing to the senses and soul.


same view as the shot above, only this one is the next day at dawn. Sometimes a location pulls at me and i feel a need to go back on consecutive days. It's like a calling that i can't explain, but one that i love to explore.


a few minutes later and the strong pinks have turned to cool blues. 


looking back the other way, towards the point at keoniloa bay. the surf rushes in like light rays.


One of my favorite teachers is OSHO. I am reading one of his "books" now. It's about emotions and in it he brings up a really good point by looking at the etymology and construction of the word. Emotion. E-motion. Motion. Movement. They are always changing. They are moving like the waves. And we just need to watch them come and go, form and break. Run and play. Motion.


south swell, shipwrecks, poipu, kauai


I want to thank all of you who gave feedback on my recent Facebook post about this shoot. Your comments were insightful and will help me choose a new image for the gallery. In reading your comments, I found that some liked the waves and sense of power and motion while others preferred the warm reflection and it's sense of compositional space and energy. I think this shot offers a nice compromise of the two. Any thoughts?


Mahalo and aloha,